Section Info: FMT-330MX-01

Course Title: Advanced Courses in History and Theory: 'Media and Sexuality'
Start Date: 09/06/2023 End Date: 12/19/2023
Term: Fall Semester 2023
Description: Sex and sexuality are frequently at the forefront of innovation in media and technology, from the beginnings of photography, film, and video to the rise of the internet, artificial intelligence, and big data. Combining critical frames from Media Studies and Sexuality Studies, this seminar investigates what happens when media and sexuality intersect. We will ask how media and technology bolster new forms of sexual expression, communication, and embodiment. And, at the same time, we will examine how emerging technologies enable new modes of social regulation and surveillance. Throughout, we will foreground queer, trans, and feminist perspectives on media histories and digital futures.
Distribution(s): I - Humanities , SI - Speaking-Intensive , TP - Topics Course
Academic Level Of Course: Undergraduate     Credits:4.00    

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Li Cornfeld     

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09/06/2023 - 12/19/2023   Seminar   Wednesday   07:15PM - 10:00PM   ART - Art   219   Weekly


Requisite Courses        
Prereq: 8 credits in FMT or Gender Studies. Take previously   Required  

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FMT0004   FMT-CR: Critical Studies   This course has been approved to count towards the Film, Media, Theater major in the Critical Studies area.  

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FMT-330MX-01 Media and Sexuality  
GNDST-333MX-01 Media and Sexuality  

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Section status: Closed     Capacity: 18     Enrollment: 18     Available: 0     Waitlist: 0


Book List         Required         Publisher Full Price        
Title: Feeling Normal: Sexuality and Media Criticism in the Digital Age
Author: Griffin, F. Hollis
Copyright: 2016
ISBN: 9780253024558
Publisher: Indiana UP
Required   30.00  
Title: Sex Dolls at Sea: Imagined Histories of Sexual Technologies
Author: Ruberg, Bo
Copyright: 2022
ISBN: 9780262543675
Publisher: MIT Press
Required   35.00  
Title: Barbie?s Queer Accessories
Author: Rand, Erica
Copyright: 1995
ISBN: 9780822316206
Publisher: Duke University Press
Required   26.95  

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This is the complete book list for this class.