Section Info: DANCE-127-01

Course Title: Renaissance and Baroque Dance I
Start Date: 09/06/2023 End Date: 12/19/2023
Term: Fall Semester 2023
Description: Sixteenth- through eighteenth-century European social dance, contemporary with the eras of Elizabeth I and Shakespeare in England, the Medicis in Italy, Louis XIV in France, and colonial America. The focus will be on learning the dances, supplemented by historical and social background, discussion of the original dance sources, and reconstruction techniques.
Distribution(s): PE - Physical Education
Academic Level Of Course: Undergraduate     Credits:1.00    

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Nona Monahin     
Margaret Pash     

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09/06/2023 - 12/19/2023   Performance   Thursday   07:15PM - 08:45PM   KEND - Kendall Hall/Sports Complex   ST3   Weekly


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Repeatable for credit.  
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1-2CR0001   1-2CR: One and two credit undergraduate courses            

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DANCE-127-01 Renaissance & Baroque Dance  
MUSIC-147D-01 Early Music:Ren/Baroque Dance  

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To be determined.                    

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