Section Info: RELIG-163-01

Course Title: Introduction to Buddhism
Start Date: 09/06/2023 End Date: 12/19/2023
Term: Fall Semester 2023
Description: Some scholars have argued that there is no such thing as 'Buddhism' in the singular, but only 'Buddhisms' in the plural. This course introduces students to select historically and culturally diverse forms of Buddhism, including Sri Lankan Theravada Buddhism, Japanese Zen Buddhism, and Tibetan Buddhism. The course pays particular attention to modern (and modernist) reinterpretations of Buddhism, including contested views of gender.
Distribution(s): I - Humanities , MP - Multicultural Perspectives
Academic Level Of Course: Undergraduate     Credits:4.00    

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Susanne Mrozik   413-538-2721  

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09/06/2023 - 12/19/2023   Discussion   Monday and Wednesday   01:45PM - 03:00PM   SKNR - Skinner Hall   210   Weekly


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ASIAN0001   ASIAN: Asian Studies minor   This course has been approved to count towards the Asian Studies minor.  
EASIA0001   EASIA: East Asian Studies major   This course has been approved to count towards the East Asian Studies major.  
SASIA0001   SASIA: South Asian Studies major   This course has been approved to count towards the South Asian Studies major.  

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Section status: Open     Capacity: 18     Enrollment: 14     Available: 4     Waitlist: 0


Book List         Required         Publisher Full Price        
Title: Journey to Mindfulness: The Autobiography of Bhante G.
Author: Gunaratana, Bhante
Copyright: 2017
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9781614294429
Publisher: Wisdom Publications
Required   18.95  
Title: Memoirs of a Tibetan Lama
Author: Gyatso, Lobsang
Copyright: 1998
Edition: any
ISBN: 978155939092
Publisher: Snow Lion
Required   29.95  

Additional Book Comments        
This is the complete book list for this class.  
Copies are on order at Please buy these books on your own. Use copies are readily available.  
Instructor's comments about the book list: Journey to mindfulness: 3-user-at-a-time e-book version is available for students *and* one print version is also on reserve at the library. Memoirs of a Tibetan Lama: Three copies are on print reserve for students. Since we only have 3-4 copies of each book for 19 students, if you can buy the book, please do so. Otherwise, you are most welcome to use the reserve copies.